Friday, February 1, 2008

My Sister's a dork?

So, I had this long discussion at work with my chemist and another engineer about the chemist's son. He's allergic to a key amino acid and therefore can't eat any protein, which apparently is like everything. Crazy. Anyhow, that went into his wife, who used to be an actuary. And that went into of course, my big sister. And then he talked about the terrible tests, which his wife took many years to pass... and then I reflected that my sister passed them all on the first time. Now, whenever my sister or more, Emily, comes up... my co-neighbor engineer feels it necessary to tell me that my sister must be a dork like me. I tried to fight back that she once worked at a makeup counter, but to no avail. Melisa is a dork.

But if she is... then I must really be one. Why you say?

1. I actually use my text books at work to learn about chemistries
2. I remember and apply polymer chemistry on a regular basis.
3. I routinely have the black belt asking me computer questions.
4. I've taught my coworkers pivot tables
5. I have given presentations on sweet excel facts
6. I have pivot tables for my wedding guest list
7. I stalk Emily at work
8. I stalked Melisa's blog, so I could find more about Emily.

Its a serious problem.

1 comment:

Melisa said...

I think it's more sad that you're coworkers don't know how to use excel... wait, I'm just confirming everything my sister...