Monday, February 25, 2008

"Rehersal Dinner"

So all of the drama about the rehearsal dinner site is over. We have found the place... Sayler Park in Yuba. Now I can finish all the freaking invitations. Bah... I have 20 done. Someday I'll finish all of them...

Oh and Yuba. So in high school we made all these videos in German. My group made one about how Yuba has disappeared. We went out to about the park and all thats left of the town is a street sign and a closed corner market. So Yuba is gone. It was really cute.

Work is nuts, but good. Quote of the week, "If I have to do your 5S-shit then you have to do the ISO-shit." Almost as good as last week's, "So whats this about a Kai-aen event?" Oh the joys of corporate America.

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